• Composition

    Reseal™ PET is made up of a carrying PET web with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), which is
    sandwiched by a thin heat sealable PET film. With its specially designed PSA layer and PET based sealing
    layer, this film excels other reseal films on the market.

  • Purpose

    Reseal™ PET film is engineered to achieve strong initial seals, followed by strong resealable peels to
    APET trays. Reseal™ PET film keeps food products fresher for longer due it its extraordinary resealing
    properties. Applications for this film are very wide including confectionery, food and also to all foods in
    trays and thermoformed packs. It is ideal for cooked sliced meats, bacon and cheese slices. It is a very
    suitable film for the snack industry.

  • Sealing Properties

    Reseal™ PET produces very strong resealable peels to APET, which can be resealed for a minimum of 5
    strong peels. Reseal™ PET achieves its reseal properties by leaving the PSA exposed when the lid is
    peeled for the first time. This film functions best at high temperatures.

  • Conversion

    Reseal™ PET can be supplied printed and can be laminated to other films.

  • Liability

    RESEAL™ film complies with all European and FDA regulations, including cooking. Whilst Rockwell
    takes all precautions to ensure that their lidding films are suitable for the application intended, the ultimate
    responsibility lies with the food packer to ensure that the film is suitable for their purpose.

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