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For more than 35 years, Rockwell Solutions Ltd. has been building a team of specialists dedicated to providing the science, service, and safety, which food packing manufacturers can rely on. Today, Rockwell Solutions Ltd. has grown into a global organization with departments focused on helping customers meet all their lidding-film-packaging challenges.

Service benefits

We want you to be able to focus on your business. Therefore, we can handle all aspects of advising, development, individualization, production and logistic for you. Upon mutual agreement, we can take over associated duties, from the idea up to the delivery to your warehouse.

  • Innovation, Research, Development

    Innovation through best market networking, understanding our customer’s needs and current market trends. We are continuously investing in product research and examine relevant market environment such as legal standards or food trends. Rockwell Solutions is dedicated to innovation. We believe that the best innovation, however, comes from building a partnership with our customers, which leads to a market defining success.
    We are testing all key-features and quality reassurance issues in our own laboratories. Thus we are able to deliver products tailored to your needs and created using the cutting-edge technology. This will keep you always ahead of the competition.

  • Product Customisation

    Our packaging engineers have extensive experience and dedicate their knowledge to assist you in the process of product individualisation. Based on your special demands for high quality packaging solutions, we can tailor such aspects of your product as:

    • Appearance and texture
    • Sizing and configuration
    • Material strength
    • Seal strength, elongation, tensile strength and COF
    • Temperature sensitivity / resistance

    We are always exploring film modifications and new structures to add benefit and quality to the industries we serve. Our expert design team offers a full suite of in-house design services, from concept to reproduction. As we “live and breathe packaging”, our design team stays up-to-date on the latest packaging and design trends.

  • Consulting

    Whatever film structures are needed, our experts will work hard to design and develop them. We additionally perform testing analysis to discover ways to cut costs without compromising quality.

    • Compliance to USDA, FDA and CFIA regulations
    • Chemical resistance tests
    • Environmental chamber tests (storage conditions, transport conditions and shelving conditions tests)
    • Oxygen and moisture transmission rate testing
    • Film clarity assessments (haze tests)
    • High barrier properties for a better shelf-life
    • ISO 9002 quality assurance and ISO 22000 (equivalent to HACCP for food safety)
    • Material reduction for sustainability
  • Manufacuring

    Our engineering team is dedicated to manufacturing the safest, highest quality film solutions. To ensure the best production results, Rockwell carefully considers the following factors:

    • Precise specification and technical data sheets for all the film-foils we produce
    • Rigorous checking and rechecking of dye line specifications
    • Box marking and identification
    • Production tracking systems to maintain levels of quality throughout the production process
    • On-site quality control engineers who monitor our plant production

    This way every Rockwell Sollutions product receives our quality guarantee.

  • Logistics

    The logic behind it is simple: on-time delivery means on-time production and distribution. Just as in every other aspect of our operations, Sappi Rockwell has your supply chain covered from the beginning to the end. Once products are manufactured, our logistics group monitors and measures whether international and local shipments are delivered on-time and are kept as cost effective as possible.

    Each month, we manage shipments of hundreds of metric tonnes of products to their destination points across the world. If a client is pressed for space or lead-time, storage is available in our warehouse facilities. Rockwell currently manages inventories for a dozen major customers. We make sure that we always deliver what we promise. Quality. Service. Reliability. On time, every time.

  • Compliance

    Sappi Rockwell Solutions conducts its business responsibly and in accordance with the legal requirements of each country in which we are active as a company. You are not expected to know the details of the laws in all the locations in which we conduct business. However, it is your responsibility to know our corporate standards, which meet and in some cases exceed legal standards.

    In our business, we follow these norms and values: we observe strict standards of safety, and observe employment practices which are not only legally necessary, but morally required. We will not do business with any third parties who violate the law as course of business. We will not have as vendors any company that will not strictly observe standards relating to child labour, the prevention of forced labour, or other forms of worker abuse.


We continuously analyse and upgrade our laboratories, our systems and our manufacturing facilities. And we never rest on our laurels. Rockwell Solutions Ltd. have invested over £8 million and three years of research and development in the “Rockstar” product line, which manufactures solvent-free lidding for the food packaging market. Seventy meters long, the new machine unit has revolutionized and enlarged the possibilities in production of peelable lidding film for all tray types. It enables heat sealable PET, aluminium and paper, solventless extrusion as well as multiplex laminates. The latest computer controlled checking procedures serve to enhance meticulous manual checks, which guarantees that we always deliver the best, confirmed quality. Rockwell Solutions Ltd. invests substantial financial amounts to improve efficiency and reduce the CO2 footprint of our company.

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